What is sexual assault? 

A person commits sexual assault if they intentionally touch you, the touching is sexual and you do not consent. 
It involves all unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature and ranges from pinching, embracing, groping and kissing, to rape and serious sexual assault which involves penetration without consent. 
You must have the capacity to give free agreement. Capacity is based on you: 
•           Being the right age 
•           Being sober 
•           Having the mental and physical ability to freely agree 
•           Not being threatened or afraid of harm 
•           Not being detained against your will 
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Sexual assault is a criminal offence and is a breach of the AUB Student Code of Conduct and the Dignity at Work policy. 
Find out more 
Citizens Advice provide further information on sexual assault.

The Shores sexual assault referral centre offers information and guidance.

STARS (Sexual Trauma and Recovery Centre) offers support and independent sexual violence advisers.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened